About us

Hello! We are Salty Swagger! Three friends who are stepping out into the big world of apparel. All three of our partners have a serious connection to the water. We spend every second we can on the water, whether we are fishing, hunting, diving, or working. Our love for the water gave us the idea to start Salty Swagger. Salty Swagger isn’t just a name or a cool logo, it’s a life style, and an attitude. We are truly salty by nature. Josh and Raymond are captains and work 6-8 months a year at sea. Both Josh and Ray love fishing and fish as much as they can on there time off. Lauren, Josh’s wife, is a nurse by trade. Lauren loves fishing and hanging out on any of our local islands more than anything in the world! Put this girl on the boat or on the beach with a cold drink and good friends, and life can’t get any better. The three of us have all been friends since we were children. We always have, and always will love the salty lifestyle, and we hope you’ll join us. We hope you enjoy our products and pictures! Like us on Facebook to see more of our adventures, and follow us on instagram. If you have any questions feel free to drop us a line Partners@saltyswagger.com